About Us

We combine robotics and performance to produce unforgettable shows that encourage laughter and learning

What we do

We combine robotics with awe-inspiring performances to create unique shows that children aged 2-6 adore! Our shows are designed to be both educational and entertaining, keeping children engaged and interested in the world around them. By incorporating STEM concepts, we encourage curiosity and active learning. Our performances are written with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in mind and produced in consultation with early childcare educators to ensure optimal learning outcomes.


At KAZ Robotics, our goal is to cultivate a love of learning in children during their formative years. We recognize that the younger generation will be growing up in a technology-rich world, and we want to make their first experiences with robotics both fun and positive. In addition, we are committed to making our shows accessible to every child, regardless of language, brain chemistry, or physical ability. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to participate and enjoy our shows.

Our Team

Our team at KAZ Robotics consists of six members who work closely together as a small and tight-knit group. Each individual brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table, including performance, robotics, leadership, and writing. We value and rely on the varied skills of every team member, but our greatest strength lies in our ability to solve problems collaboratively, utilizing everyone’s ideas regardless of their specialty area. By taking a team-oriented approach, we are able to come up with creative solutions that result in the best possible outcome for every aspect of our shows.