Below are the humans behind the robots

Daniel Gorski

Performer/Creative Consultant

Meet The Amazing Dan, aka Daniel Gorski. With decades of experience in the arts sector and a degree from the National Insitute of Circus Arts, Dan has mastered the art of classic comedy and circus performance. Dan’s skills are nothing short of incredible. He can juggle any random object, balance pretty much anything on his nose and do cartwheels and flips that will leave everyone clapping and giggling. Get ready for a performance your centre will thoroughly enjoy!

Our Team

Our Founder and Visionary

The mind that drives our team to success.

Too many qualifications to list… but he knows stuff.

Mechatronics (Robotics) Engineer

Designs and builds robots… yeah, pretty cool!

Honours degree in Mechatronics and too many awards to mention!

Trainee Robotics Engineer

Has to know how to do everything from coding to graphics.

Studying Advanced Science (hons) and Engineering (hons) at UNSW.

Coding Wizard

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic Engineering) University of Technology Sydney

AI Software Engineer

Attempting to bring to life new types of intelligence.

Master of Science in Signal Processing at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Trainee Computer Programmer for Kazacos AI

“Bachelor of Computer Science” at UNSW. Majoring in Artificial Intelligence.

Trainee Mechatronics Engineer

Studying Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics) / Computer Science at University of New South Wales

Specialist Consultant

Professional writer and qualified childhood educator (Bachelor of Arts professional writing and publishing) 6 years experience in early childhood education