Below are a few of our robots and there are more being designed and developed as we speak.

Betty Bin
Meet Betty Bin, the whimsical wheelie bin with a capacity of 32 litres, who playfully awakens. Sporting a generously sized animated face that can double as a touchscreen, if required. Betty showcases a range of expressions. With the ability to adjust the angle of her lid, she exudes a charming rocking motion and illuminates with captivating lights. Guiding Betty’s engaging personality is the incredible team member, Eddy, who lends his remarkable voice to bring her to life.
SAM is a compact, omnidirectional robot that resides within a 60cm squared cube. With its endearing classic animatronic face, SAM possesses the remarkable capability to showcase animations on either a touch screen-enabled tablet or an LED matrix. SAM also features interactive buttons that respond to light and sound, along with a concealed catapult housed within a top trap door. The talented Daniel lends his voice and expertly controls SAM’s movements and actions.